Dave Holland: What Goes Around (big band version)

After early recordings with Miles Davis and Chick Corea (Circle), bassist Dave Holland established himself as a leader with a long-running quartet and quintet known for complex, through-composed pieces usually including multiple odd-meter passages and collective improvisation. His most recent quintet of Kilson (now Nate Smith), Potter, R. Eubanks, and Nelson was augmented by eight more players to form a big band for the first time in 2001. Hollandís already complex quintet material is compounded here with even more cross-rhythms and thematic variation for the big band. The musicians seamlessly execute the 11/4 melody (alternating measures 6/4 and 5/4).

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Dave Holland: What Goes Around

"What Goes Around" is a storm by the name of Billy Kilson. His explosive playing shines on this cut, particularly in the midst of Chris Potter's solo. He pokes, prods and pushes the band to the outer limits of both dynamics and superimposed meters. At the center of the storm is Holland, unperturbed by any of the controlled pandemonium around him. The tune itself is a sly 11/4, with several interweaving sections and a 6/4 release that happens at the end of the solo section. This is classic DHQ.

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