Richard Galliano: You Must Believe in Spring

French Touch, indeed: Richard Galliano, the most internationally renowned French jazz accordionist, playing a tune by the most internationally renowned French songwriter, on an instrument often associated with traditional French popular and dance music, and with French sidemen at that. But we're not in a "back to the roots" trip. Except for a couple of bars where the accordion plays overdubbed lines, this is basically a trio performance, which is rather unusual for accordionists. After the theme is stated in horn-like single lines, the accordion launches into wild chorusing with thickly grooving rhythm support. Galliano clearly means to assert his instrument's suitability as a vehicle for jazz and improvisation, an assertion made all the more remarkable in the context of a pleasant popular waltz that could easily be handled more conventionally. If you're not convinced after this, you may never be.

February 18, 2008 · 0 comments


Sue Raney & Bob Florence: You Must Believe in Spring

Although Sue Raney has recorded lots of commercial jingles, she has also performed with Supersax and others, including recordings with Michel Legrand and Henry Mancini. On what was basically a series of recording sessions with Raney and a trio of piano, bass, and drums, “You Must Believe in Spring” features a poignant rubato duet by the singer and pianist Bob Florence. Raney’s pure voice, precise pitch, and impeccable phrasing are framed by the consummate accompaniment of Florence, who also conceived and arranged the album.

November 07, 2007 · 0 comments


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